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We had a chance to catch up with Stephanie Mendenhall, Players Services Lead at the legendary Boomtown Casino, to learn more about Boomtown's Marquee Rewards Players Club.   During our conversation, Stephanie emphasized the casino’s focus on hospitality, and it was clear that at Boomtown customer service is job number one.

This focus on hospitality is likely why Boomtown is the oldest operating casino on the Mississippi Coast.  When a casino is in business 20 years and survives hurricanes, economic meltdowns and oil spills, you know that it is doing something right!

We asked Stephanie 10 questions about Boomtown Casino’s players club; here's what we learned.  
Best Bets: What is the name of your players club, and how do people sign up?
Stephanie: Boomtown’s players club is called Marquee Rewards, and it is based out of our Players Services Department.  Guests can become new members within a couple minutes right here at Boomtown.  All that is needed is a valid proof of identification.  And, because Boomtown is part of the Penn National Gaming Family with dozens of properties in several states, a player’s Marquee account is valid at our other establishments, too.

Best Bets: What comps do folks get when they sign up?
Stephanie: Once new members reach 150 points through gaming they get to take their chances at the new member kiosk game.  Earning 150 points is easy, and players win between $5 dollars and $500.

Best Bets: What kinds of comps or offers can players or guests expect to get in the mail or via email after visiting the casino/hotel?
Stephanie: After visiting Boomtown members can almost always expect to hear from us.  It is not uncommon for us to send our free slot play, multiple buffet comps, or other complimentary gifts. And while Boomtown does not have a hotel, many of properties that honor Marquee Rewards do.  So, a player might be winning big on the slots at Boomtown on month and getting offers for free hotel stays at Hollywood St. Louis the next month.  Or free golfing or event tickets.  Playing at Boomtown gives players access to offers and comps from the whole Penn Gaming Family

Best Bets:  How many tiers does your players club have, and how do your members reach each level?
Stephanie: The Marquee Rewards Program has five tiers. The tiers are calculated every three months. If a member has enough points at the time we recalculate the points he or she gains a tier. Icon is the highest tier we offer. The five levels we have are:
  • Marquee Award
  • Celebrity
  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Icon

Best Bets: Do players earn more points on slots or table games? What about hotel stays? Other activities/purchases?
Stephanie:  Players earn points by playing both slots and table games.  I can’t say exactly which one earns more points because it depends upon the amount of the wagers and the time spent gaming.  But, anytime that a player uses his or her card points are being earned, whether that be at Boomtown or one of our affiliate properties.  The great thing about Marquee Rewards is that points accumulate fast and folks can reach new tiers relatively quickly.

Best Bets: Are points awarded by time the card is in play or by the amount that is played? Or both?
Stephanie: Both

Best Bets: When players earn points, how can they use them?
Stephanie: The points that players earn can be used in our gift shop or for food.  That said, as players gain more points and increase their tier levels there are a number of benefits ranging from preferred parking to discounted or free hotel stay.

Best Bets: What is the best deal or comp that you have ever seen your players club offer?
Stephanie: It is hard to say what the “best” comp is that I have ever seen, but I can tell you that the most popular used to be when members were awarded a free buffet for 2 to our famous Boomtown Buffet.  Many of the comps go straight to our members, so I don’t necessarily see them in my position here at the casino.  This much I know: we’ve been going strong for several decades and our customers keep coming back.  

Best Bets: What sets your players club apart from other casinos in Biloxi?
Stephanie: It's our customer service, of course! Boomtown has based its name on hospitality. It is where the locals go.

Best Bets: If I find myself in Biloxi, why should I make Boomtown Casino my first stop?
Stephanie: When you join us at Boomtown you are taking part in a historical event.  It is a unique casino that boasts an environment that makes our guests feel welcome and comfortable. Boomtown has been here 20 years. It is the longest operating casino on the Mississippi Coast.  Everyone is welcome here, and we go to great lengths to make every visitor feel at home.

You can learn more about Boomtown Casino on Best Bets Biloxi, or by visiting Boomtown's website.

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