We get a lot of questions about players clubs at the casinos in Biloxi.  What kind of comps can you expect?  What sort of hotel offers will the casinos give you?  How much do you have to play to get a free buffet?

Well, first, if you are a serious player and a lover of comps you know that the first thing that you should do when you enter a casino—save perhaps downing a shot of tequila and popping a twenty in the first slot machine you see—is join the players club.  Nearly all casinos have players clubs these days, and whether they call them players clubs, loyalty programs, or memberships, the basic idea is the same for all casinos.  In short, the casinos want to gain your loyalty, and they do that through offering you perks, comps, and special offers.  The more money and time you spend, the more perks and comps the casino gives.  Pretty straightforward.  Now, you’d be a big old fool to turn down these offers from any casino, and you’d be even a bigger fool not to join every players club in Biloxi.  Scroll down past the players clubs cards below to learn more.
Biloxi casino players club cards: mLife, Boomtown, Hard Rock and Total Rewards
You don’t have to be a whale to receive some impressive comps from Biloxi casinos, and they lay it on especially thick when you first sign up for a loyalty program.  What is special about Biloxi loyalty programs is that players quickly receive robust offers—perhaps more robust than from any other major gaming region in the United States.

Many of the best offers come in the mail shortly after your visit to a Biloxi hotel/casino, and generally speaking the offers become more and more valuable depending upon the volume of your activity.  Let’s say you stay a couple nights at the Beau Rivage, join MLife (the MGM players club), play a fair amount of table games and/or slots during your stay, or get your grub on at one of the many fine dining establishments.  In this scenario you can expect to almost immediately get offers in the mail after your return home.  Because Biloxi is a destination gaming district, the casinos and hotels want you to base your stay with them the next time that you visit.  We have all been to Vegas with intentions of visiting every casino on the strip only to find ourselves sticking close to our home-base, so to speak.  Indeed, casinos know that that players will spend the vast majority of their time gaming at their home hotel, and they want to lure you into staying with them.  Take the bait!  It is worth it. 

So, what kind of perks can you really receive from Biloxi casinos, and is it worth your time?  Best Bets staff recently spent a weekend in Biloxi, signing up for every loyalty program and spending time familiarizing ourselves with each casino.  Upon returning home here is a sampling of some of the offers that quickly came in the mail:
  • Beau Rivage: 2 free nights at the hotel per month for three separate months (6 total nights free), $150 in free play, and free concert tickets
  • Golden Nugget: 3 free nights at the hotel per month for three separate months (9 total nights free), $90 in free play, and $40 food credit
  • Hard Rock: 3 free nights at the hotel for three separate months (9 total nights free), $100 in free play, free concert tickets
  • Harrah’s Gulf Coast: 3 free nights at the hotel for three separate months (9 total nights free), $60 in free play, $20 food credit
Now, we aren’t saying that the casinos are running the same offers as they did when we visited, and we certainly aren’t saying that you’ll receive these same exact offers.  But, what we are saying is that if you go to Biloxi, join the loyalty programs and players club, and have a good time while there, that you WILL be flooded with offers to come back.  And, you’ll find that these offers are surprisingly valuable.  When Team Best Bets hits Biloxi we spread our love among as many casinos as possible.  The hardest part is moving from hotel to hotel and trying to utilize all the amazing comps that we receive, so we move from hotel to hotel just racking up comps and having an amazing time in this wonderful little Southern Mississippi gaming town.

We will be exploring the pros and cons of each loyalty program offered by Biloxi casinos in related articles, so be sure to visit our write-ups on each of the unique players clubs.  We will be looking into what players receive upon signing up, how points and comps are calculated and redeemed, and will also keep you updated on the ongoing special offers from the 8 wonderful casinos in Biloxi.

Until then, our solid advice to you is to quickly sign up for players clubs at every casino you visit in Biloxi.  You’ll be showered with free food, clothing, match-play, and entries into special drawings and tournaments.  And, with any luck, you’ll hit it big in Biloxi on free money.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  

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