Best place to take family golfing in Biloxi

I am hoping to take my entire family of five golfing while on vacation in Biloxi this winter.  It looks like there are some great courses in the area.  Are there any suggestions as to which course I should choose if I am looking for a public course with reasonable greens fees that is accessible enough for my children to enjoy but challenging enough for me to enjoy, too?  My kids are pretty good golfers, so my ideal would be to go to a course that none of us will forget. 

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Mon, 08/26/2013 - 15:23
Wed, 08/28/2013 - 13:02 BigRed

Wow, that's quite a troop you have.  You could have your own tournaments! :-)

Depends on your budget.  If money is no object, I'd take everyone to Grand Bear Golf Club. It's one of the best public courses in the country.  Can be a little expensive, though: green fees are about $70 on weekdays and $90 Fridays and Saturdays (more in high season).  That'll add up quick with five of you!  Great golf, though.

If you want to get a little cheaper, but still a really nice course, Mississippi National (Hickory Hill) is really good, too, and you can play a round of golf as low as $25 per person there depending on what time of day you go.  Depending on the kids' ages, you may be able to get discounted junior rates there, too.

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