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When you sign up for the B Connected Players’ Club at IP Casino-Resort-Spa in Biloxi, you are not only introducing yourself to all that this fabulous AAA 4 Diamond Award Winning property—a feat that the IP has maintained since 2007—has to offer, you are simultaneously becoming a part of the greater Boyd Gaming family and unlocking all the benefits that this legendary company has to offer at over fifteen properties located in some of America’s finest gaming communities.

B Connected Membership Tiers at IP Biloxi

Membership to the B Connected program is free, and like several other casinos there are different levels of benefits.  Depending upon a member’s level of activity, his or her tier level increases or decreases. Simply put:  The more you play the more benefits B Connected provides.  

Members start out as a Ruby Member of B Connected, and there is almost always a special promotion going on for first time members. Whether it be free play, match play, player point multipliers, or a chance at winning cash when activating the membership card, folks who sign up with B Connected can expected to be treated right.  For example, right now signing up will get you a free buffet at the IP and a chance to win daily prizes, you will immediately enjoy perks like 5% off at the gift shop and the ability to earn extra points during play.  Probably the best aspect of signing up as a B Connected member is that the folks at Boyd will almost immediately start sending you significant offers in the mail because they want you to come back.  Free play, meal credits, comped tickets to events, and even complimentary stays at the property will come your way if you sign up to B Connected and spend a little time and money familiarizing yourself with the property.

Once you are no longer a minnow and are on your way to being a whale, the folks at B Connected will bump you up to being a Sapphire Member.  Now, once you are a Sapphire Member the rewards really start kicking in.  For example, you’ll enjoy 10% off of anything at the gift shop, and well as dining discounts.  You will also earn a full 25% more points during play than you did while you were a Ruby Member. 

After you’ve chomped on the free food, enjoyed the luxury of lounging in complimentary hotel rooms, and earned lots of player points through your many stays at the IP, you will finally become a whale.  At this point you become an Emerald Member, which is no messing around!  Anything that you want at the gift shop is 15% off, and you earn 50% more points on play than you did on the lower tiers of B Connected.  In addition to the increased ability to earn points faster, you’ll also routinely enjoy comped stays at the hotel, dining credits, and $150 worth of free spa services a month (yes, you read that right)!  Being a whale is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

B Connected Customer Service

One of the best things about the B Connected program is the customer service and the ability to interact with the Boyd Family.  Not only can you can call up Guest Services at any hour and talk to a friendly staff member, like Patrick, who took our call after midnight and ambitiously told us all about the B Connected Program when we only expected to get matter-of-fact answers to our relatively boring questions but you can also stay on top of your B Connected account through a variety of options that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

B Connected is a proper name for this loyalty program because the folks at Boyd Gaming have really stepped up the ways in which players can be connected.  Members can now join B Connected Online and have access to a personalized player page, special offers, and more—all from the comfort of their own home.  Singing up is easy to do, just go to B Connected Online and create an online account with your B Connected Player Number handy. From there, create a user name and password and you are set.  The personalized page for your player profile is specifically catered to your interests, has your running point balance, has your up-to-date social point balance, allows you to set and update your playing and interest preferences, and even lets you customize your background.  At Best Bets we chose the Blackjack background, but that is because we just love to play Yak; there are literally dozens of customized homepage skins to choose from for your B Connected homepage.  You can also sign up for giveaways through B Connected Online, or even win one of many “Mystery Treasures” that are routinely offered.  From your B Connected Online page you can also access important links that will bring you to Special Offers, Special Alerts, your B Connected Social sites, B Connected Benefits, each of Boyd’s Casinos, an interactive Calendar, and your Account Settings.

For those on the go, there is also B Connected Mobile, which is a personalized app that is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and connects players to their Be Connected Online account.  The mobile app lets players stay up to date on what is happening at each of Boyd’s properties and boasts a real-time schedule of entertainment, gaming specials, dining options, special events, and exclusive offers for B Connected members.  While anyone can download the app, it is especially catered to B Connected members, who can sign on to their account at any time to get instant access to running point balances and exclusive member offers.

B Connected Social

A new roll-out by the folks at Boyd Gaming is B Connected Social, which has taken the membership club to a new interactive level.  Players can earn social points by sharing offers and events from B Connected with their friends.  Not only can members earn points by sharing things happening at the IP, but they can earn points from home for sharing offers and events from any one of Boyd’s 17 casino’s sites!

Once you become part of the B Connected Online program it is easy to utilize B Connected Social, and just as easy to quickly start gaining social points.  You can gain social points by sharing things with friends, logging onto your favorite social network and connecting your profile with B Connected, checking into any of the Boyd Gaming Casinos when you are out on the town.  Earn various badges as you complete challenges on B Connected Online, and rack up social points fast by engaging with your C Connected Online account.  Heck, you can even try to be a top social point earner of the week, and monitor your progress on the weekly social point leader tally.

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